Monday, June 15, 2015

Rehabilitating your Pet after Injury or Surgery

Major illnesses and health emergencies can be scary – and once you’ve received the care you need to treat immediate problems, the question of overall health and wellness remains. If you have a pet that has been injured or received treatment through surgical intervention, there are rehabilitative programs that can help them enjoy renewed strength and ability.

Rehabilitation is responsible for:

Improving Mobility

It’s normal for your pet to be a little stiff after surgery. To help increase mobility, our vet clinic’s rehabilitation programs incorporate underwater treadmills. With an underwater treadmill, pets place less than their full weight on recently treated limbs, making it easier for them to walk and exercise. With warm water, there’s also an increase in blood flow and a feeling of relaxation, making the underwater treadmill gentle and therapeutic.

Strengthening Muscle

It’s especially important to ensure that muscle is healthy and strong after your pet has been treated for a major injury, but without stimulation, it’s possible for muscles to weaken. By using electro-muscular stimulation, we gently strengthen muscles to help your pet regain full function.  We can also use technology like ultrasound and cold lasers to create gentle tissue stimulation.

Promoting Better Healing

Overall healing after emergency treatment or surgery is a combination of many therapies that help your pet experience improved wellness. A good at-home care plan for when your pet has left our clinic, as well as appropriate hot and cold therapy, or even massage, helps create the right environment for better healing.

We offer rehabilitation programs that help your pets get back to their normal lives after care at a veterinary clinic. If you need more information on rehabilitation services, or muscle therapy for your pet, call our referral veterinary clinic in Arlington, TX today.

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